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Should You Have Back Surgery? A Case Study.

Recently, a patient showed up at my office with an appointment already scheduled for back surgery. She had severe sciatic pain traveling down her left leg all the way to her toes for 6 months and the pain was excruciating. An MRI showed a very large herniated disc. This was one of the worst herniations I'd ever seen on an MRI. But after her first visit to the office I saw hope.

I asked for 6 visits before she had her surgery. Within 3 visits her leg pain was gone totally and she was able to control her pain with the exercises I prescribed her. She has since been pain free and was able to cancel her appointment with the surgeon.

Sometimes people feel that they have explored all their options before having surgery. They've seen their doctor, tried massage, physical therapy, personal trainers, yoga, even seen other chiropractors and acupuncturists; but with my unique combination of therapy techniques a consultation with me would be worth having before you go under the knife. If you know someone who is fed up with their pain and doesn't see a solution other than surgery, have them make just one more call to me.

Dr. Brian Gordon DC LAc

Active Care Spine Center

Encino CA

(818) 386-8835

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