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Welcome to the Active Care Spine Center

Dr. Gordon opened the Active Care Spine Center in Encino in 2005 with the belief that expert treatment, education, and self-empowerment are the keys to a  patients’ success. Offering a variety of treatment options including chiropractic, acupuncture, active rehabilitation and myofascial therapies; the Active Care Spine Center is a unique clinic and Dr. Gordon a versatile practitioner.  


We provide our patients with the knowledge and tools they need so that they may live a pain free and fully functional life.   It is our goal to positively affect our patients’ health long after their treatments have ended. Not all clinics approach pain the same way; at ACSC we believe that pain is just the symptom and that lasting and permanent relief comes from identifying and treating the underlying cause.  


We emphasize functional restoration, early reactivation, core stabilization, gentle exercise, and activity modification.  Throughout treatment, we reinforce self-sufficiency and teach coping strategies necessary for managing pain on a daily basis.  At the Active Care Spine Center, we focus on educating our patients on the nature of pain; changing attitudes and eliminating fear. We teach skills that can be easily learned and instantly applied outside of the clinical setting.  Our unique approach delivers quick and long-lasting results. Come see for yourself how the Active Care Spine Center can help you!

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