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  • Brian Gordon

Acupuncture Success Stories - Facial Pain From Hell

Trigeminal neuralgia, for those lucky enough to not know, is an irritation of the nerve that runs along the side of the face. Those suffering with trigeminal neuralgia can experience excruciating electric shocking sensations and stabbing pain. The pain can come and go randomly or with normal activities like eating, drinking, talking or even brushing your teeth. I called a friend of mine recently, a well known pain management doctor and asked him what doctors could do for trigeminal neuralgia. He said, "pray."

Unfortunately Western Medicine has very little to offer in treating this condition. Patients can suffer for years without relief.

Early last year my younger brother suddenly developed an electric pain on the side of his face every time he brushed his teeth or puffed out his cheeks. After many weeks and a series of unsuccessful visits to the dentist who thought the solution would be to randomly drill healthy teeth, my brother decided to speak to me about his condition. I immediately diagnosed him with trigeminal neuralgia and started him on treatment.

I gave him a series of acupuncture and chiropractic treatments based on a few published case studies I was able to research. His results and relief were almost instantaneous! He was able to brush his teeth without pain after his first treatment and he has remained pain free for months.

His results were so remarkable that I plan on publishing a case study later this year. If you know someone who is suffering with this terrible affliction please have them reach out to me. I want to help.

Dr. Brian Gordon DC LAc

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