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Avoid Workout Injuries

A good warm-up routine before you start going at your favorite workout is really important in order to avoid injury.

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Warming up before you exercise can make all the difference. Fitness is a marathon not a sprint.

Starting right in with your work-out cold can place stress on the muscles, ligaments, tendons, and joints when they aren’t quite ready for the strain. This can lead to tissue failure also known as injury. When you warm up make sure you start slow with small movements. As your tissues warm, increase the speed of your movements and their range of motion. A good fast walk is also a great way to start things off. Five to 10 minutes of warming up will make a huge difference in your routine. And remember to save the stretching until after you’re done with your workout. Stretching warm muscles and joints has been shown to be best.

Keep moving. Remember Motion is the Lotion!

Dr. Brian Gordon DC LAc

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