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  • Brian Gordon

Working From Home is a Pain in the Neck

Updated: Sep 1, 2022

Over the last few years of this pandemic many of you have adjusted well to working from home. There are a number of conveniences that you have enjoyed including skipping that morning commute, wearing pajamas to work, and avoiding Bad Breath Brad in accounting. (Everybody hates Brad!)

One downside to working from home however, is on the ergonomics side of things. I have one patient who works as a computer programmer. He spends his day hunched over a laptop perched on a coffee table while sitting on a low couch for 10+ hours a day. He has been coming in every couple of weeks stuck in a bent over position wondering why his backs keep going out. This is not a sustainable situation for him but he's not the only one. I see the same thing almost every day.

Even my patients with good office setups in their homes; they're not getting up enough to do their "microbreaks" and their "20-20's".

If you having pain after a long day at work be sure to give me a call so we can sort you out.

Motion is the Lotion!

Dr. Brian Gordon DC LAc

Chiropractic | Acupuncture

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